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  • Click on "Favio Jobs" button to apply for a position. A Favio Consultant will contact you if successful.
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Fill A Job
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Favio offer a wide range of hiring solutions designed to meet any budget:-

  • Low-cost social media vacancy advertising
  • Listing on Favio website AND leading online job vacancy websites
  • Vacancy response filtering service
  • Full candidate Search & Supply with no upfront cost AND split payment terms
  • Advertise your own careers page and company portfolio to job-seekers
  • Full suite of Psychometric tools available to improve the recruitment process including job-profiling, Sales Skills analysis, high-volume recruitment aptitude tests and many more

Call a Favio Consultant to discuss your requirements and chose the best option to meet your budget

Fix My Skills
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Do you want to be more effective in the workplace? Fed up waiting for your employer to provide training? Favio offer a range of self-development tools using psychometric assessments including:

  • Sales Skills Development
  • Operational staff strengths/areas for improvement identification
  • Entry level aptitude tests with skills enhancement tips

Send your personal training objectives to Favio via our contact page and a consultant will be in contact to assist you.

Fix My Staff
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Favio can offer a range of psychometric assessment tools designed to improve your staff’s performance and productivity including:

  • Sales Executives Skills Enhancement
  • On-boarding assistance for new employees

Call a Favio Consultant to discuss your requirements and chose the best option to meet your budget

Fix My Career
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Not sure what career path to take? Want to stand out from the other jo-seekers entering the market? Favio can provide a comprehensive psychometric assessment report that identifies which types of job are best suited for YOUR natural talents and interests: -
  • Helps to choose the best further education courses to suit your talents
  • Stand out from high-volume job-seeking crowd and Increase your chances of successful job-applications by adding report to CV
  • Demonstrates a willing to embrace skills improvement making you a good choice for employment
  • Volume discounts available for schools, colleges and universities
Fix My New Business
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CONGRATULATIONS for Favio for taking the steps to start a new business! So how can we help you to reduce the risk of failure AND avoid costly mistakes?
  • Find out what critical skills are required to support your vision by taking our Entrepreneurs Assessment.
  • Favio can provide a full-suite of employer documentation to make your new venture compliant with Government Employee legislation including Draft Job-Offer letters, Employment Contracts and Employee Handbook designs at a fraction of the cost compare to attorneys
  • Discount recruitment services for start-up business
Call a Favio Consultant to discuss your new business vision and we will provide the tools to make you successful.
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FAVIO recognize that it is becoming increasingly difficult to promote/prepare yourself for the minefield of improving career prospects, turning a good business idea into a viable business proposition, choosing the right career path and coping with challenging work environments.
By choosing one of our cutting edge assessment tools, you can unlock your potential and provide prospective employers/business partners with accurate information on your key strengths.
FAVIO PERSONAL GROWTH SOLUTIONS – Let the world know how good you are!
Service: My Self Premium Report – Help to decide the best career path for your personality and skills, stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs.

Description: After completing a short online questionnaire, a comprehensive report is generated that provides potential employers with accurate information on how your inherent natural skills/interests align with market sectors. This can be inserted into your CV to help you stand out from other applications.


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FAVIO is a services based organisation located in the Caribbean on the beautiful Island of Barbados. This allows us to provide a range of services globally at a fraction of the normal cost due to lower overheads.
With a high-number of top professionals based here from around the world due to the quality life style, FAVIO have access to some amazing talent to be able to offer 1st class solutions and excellent service delivery.

This combination of location and talent pool availability means that despite our late entry into the services sector, FAVIO has been engaged in various projects from our range of business growth solutions and personal development growth plans.

Our staff compliment is as diverse as our range of services and comprises of talent from the UK, Barbados and Trinidad with specialist consultants working on ad-hoc projects from Canada and the U.S.


Our skill sets are aligned with precision to the range of services we offer. With 15 years+ recruitment consultancy experience, MSc/BSc level HR practitioners with full CIPD (UK) and SHRM (US/Caribbean) status, fully accredited CPA, CGA Charted Accountants and legal sector experts with LLB Law Degree (UK) grading, our team is ready to offer you impartial expert advice.


The word "FAVIO" originates from the Latin language and translates as "To help, support, aid, and assist". We achieve this by offering highly competitive rates without diluting the quality of service. Our mission statement "Help Is Here" speaks for itself as we are rapidly becoming the 1st choice trusted advisor to businesses and Individuals alike who are faced with challenges.